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10° Fresh Fruit & Juices For A Healthier World

Malaysia is in a unique location for plant growth. Located in the equatorial zone (10°N and S of the Equator); we are blessed with abundance of direct sunlight and rainfall. The  robust photosynthesis of this climate produces  some of the most fragrant spices, herbs and sweet fruits ( with Brix as high as 28). Our fruits are harvested when they are ripe on the trees, with nutrients at their maximum.

Malaysia located on 4.0125'N is right in the 10° zone.   Malaysia has a good basket of tropical fruits, not only delicious and sweet, but full of antioxidants, minerals and vitamins; they are dubbed Superfoods. These fruits can be used in many ways as food,  seasoning, ingredient,  beverage and also medicine. Our brand of products is therefore described as 10°; Perfect Quality from the 10° zone.

>> Durian <<
>> Jackfruit / Nangka <<
>> Calamansi <<
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