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SunFresh Fruit Hub
Sdn Bhd (1258564-T)

8, Jalan PJS 3/49,
Taman Sri Manja,
7th Miles,
Off Jalan Kelang Lama,
46000 Petaling Jaya,
Selangor, Malaysia.
+603-7783 2933
+603-7784 3452

Lot 32, Bangunan CPPC
(Collection, Processing &
Packaging Centre)
Taman Kekal Pengeluaran
Makanan (TKPM) Lanchang
28500, Lanchang,
Pahang, Malaysia.

Export & OEM:
Anthony Tan


Supplier and Farmers Relationship:
Joseph Foong

Buying From Us:
Anthony Tan

Partnership & Cooperation:
W F Foong

News Update

Collaboration with Siccona, Sweden Scientist Community who advocate Healthy Food Lifestyle

Mar 25, 2021
Collaboration with Siccona, a Sweden Scientist Community. 

瑞典 思科纳 科研机构 在 马来西亚 兰昌 菠萝蜜 果园基地

Jackfruit Based Plant Protein to debut in Malaysia

Nov 2, 2020

Nov 3 2020 ( Kuala Lumpur): One of Malaysia's very own Plant based Protein made from native Malaysia jackfruit ( Nangka in the national language) will be making its debut in Kuala Lumpur. Proudcts for trade is now available from Sun Fresh Fruti Hub Sdn Bhd by calling our KL Office.  The Jackfruit based protein is branded under NangkaRia - Nangka is the Bahasa Malaysia word for Jackfruit, RIa is Happy; our proposition is the Happy Jackfruit plant based protein for a greener and kinder diet, we hope people will begin to eat more plant based protein and enjoy a happier and healthy life.                                                                           

The produt is developed by The 6th Protein Sdn Bhd in partnership with father-son duo Philip and Edward Chui of Plant based CafePC Lab. Sun Fresh Fruit Sdn Bhd is extremely delighted to be providing the raw material processing for the plant based protein. NangkaRia's nuggets are now produced at Kawan Food Berhad's Pulau Indah factory. Current SKU's that will be available are IQF Jackfruit, New Turon ( Banana and Jackfruit Spring Roll -- now available at Dragon I outlets ) and our very special NangkaRia Nuggets, a 100% non gluten, no MSG, made wholly from natural material and using minimal fine processed ingredients. We also make available a basic unflavored  and a flavored paste for chefs who are interested to develop their own unique patty, meat ball or nugget. The NangkaRia is extremely versatile, you can make all different cuisines using it as raw material, a meatball spaghetti, a slider or burdger or even fried a sweet and sour dish with it.   Each serving of 100g of NangkaRia contains 11 g of protein and a good protion of minerals and fibre.  

As our first phase of introduction of the product to the market, we welcome collaboraiton with HORECA, restaurants and cafes, food service outlets.  

We welcome export enquiries. We have a capacity of producing 3500 tons of NangkaRia for the world market. Kindly contact Madam Foong at 6012 3838229. 

RECIPE: Jackfruit Boba Milk Shake

Jun 2, 2020
RECIPE: Jackfruit Boba Milk Shake
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The Jackfruit Season is here!  Lots of juicy and super sweet Jackfruit would be available. Make a plant-based or dairy milkshake with Jackfruit. You can make the Jackfruit Puree yourself or order Puree from us. 

Launching IQF Jackfruit in Ready to Eat packing

May 29, 2020
Launching IQF Jackfruit in Ready to Eat packing
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IQF Jackfruit -- Capturing Maxium Nutrients for Longer Shelf Lives.    
SUNFRESH FRUIT HUB is launching IQF Jackfruit Pulp this season. With Individual Quick Freeze ( IQF), the Nangka pulps are processed in a clean environment to reduce conern over traditional open air processing that may bring fear of Covid 19 infections. Our hygienic processing complies with HALAL and MESTI rules; and the fruit pulps undergone an IQF treatment to ensure that the goodness of the fruit is captured.                                                                                    

See more on Fresh and Nutritious and why IQF is the preferred food processing appraoch, 

more on https://wordpress.com/post/sungreatfreshness.wordpress.com/119  

                                                        Video introduction of the IQF Jackfruit Pulp -- https://youtu.be/ixWICbu1gDU

Support Frontline Medics, Go Vitamin C, Go Calamansi

Apr 3, 2020

Covid-19 has virtually shut down the world, everywhere governements ask people to stay home. Same here in Malaysia, the entire 30 m people are asked to stay home so that the chain of infection can be broken, so that we can bring the spread of Covid 19 under control. While we can stay inside our homes and take the time to relax and catch up; many frontline medics are risking their lives at the Hospitals tending to the infected. Dato Wong Yew Kai of Asian Kitchen Banquet Sdn Bhd has invited us to join him in an effort to send lunch to the frontline medics at Selangor's Sg Buloh Hospital, one of the key hospitals for the pandemic.  Together with Golden Choices (who sponsor the cups and sealing film) and Bliss Sugar ( for the low GI sugar), we provide our pure Calamansi Puree to make the rich Vitamin C drink to accompany the lunch. The lunch wil be distributed during the MCO period in Malaysia by Asia Kitches in partnership with Sin Chew Foundation.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

We thank our sponsors, our staff and management for making the puree available, and most of all to Dato Wong and his staff to give us an opoortunity to play a smal part. We also thank Cross Borders, our forwarder and the Shipping  and haulage Company who sponsor the Refab Containers ( AML Shpping and Artha Haulage)  to keep the food fresh.                                  

Let's stay home so that the rate of infection will slow, and that the forntline medics will be safe and can cope with the daily load.                                                      
Special Thanks to DG Datuk Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah for leading the fight against Covid-19 for Malaysians,                                                                                                  
'' Sir, you and your team are doing a great job, we are especially grateful to your leaderhsip'' 

Better Anti Viral Protection with Calamansi and other Citrus

Feb 20, 2020

First step towards better anti viral immune system can be EASY and FREE. Get some Sun daily while doing some light exercises; keep your home airy and bring in lots of natural light, sunlight is good to produce Vitamin D for your body; which is anti-viral. Get lots of rest vegetables and fresh citrus; try the fresh Malaysian Calamansi which is high in anti oxidant and vitamins. For those interested, call Daniel at 016 5723876  Get more sun for better health:

Celebrating Vesak Day with Calamansi Juice and Nangka

May 19, 2019

May 19  2019:  Buddhists in Malaysia celebrate Buddha's birth, enlightenment and death on Wesak Day. It is sometimes referred to as Buddha's Birthday, Buddha Day; temples and community centres all over the country gather to celeberate,  to reflect on the values of tolerance and compassion. Our Team is there at the Wisma Fo Guang Shan Cultural Centre in Petalng Jaya to share our Golden Calamansi Drink and Fresh Nangka with the devotees.  Minister YB Teresa Kok visited our booth, thank you for coming YB. 

Exhibiting Our Products at the Superfood Fair Asia 2019 in Singapore

Apr 24, 2019
Singapore: From 24-27, we are exhibiting our products at the Superfood Fair Asia 2019 in Singapore. The fair theme, the future of food business is held at the Marina Sands Expo and Convention Centre. This is a fair for Trade Visitors Only. 

CCTV 7 Introduces MusangKing Durian to Chinese Consumer

Dec 28, 2018
Dec 19 2018 Beijing: China CCTV 7 The Agriculture Channel
Through the story of Madam Liu Yuan Tian, the leading fruit trader in Beijing, this episode introduces Malaysia's King of the Fruits, The Musangking to Chinese Consumers. Minister of Agriculture of Malaysia welcomes China to trade with Malaysia and hope Chinese Consumers will soon be able to enjoy whole fruit durian in China. 


Partial Listing of Outlets Carrying SGF Calamansi Puree

Dec 28, 2018
Partial Listing of Outlets Carrying SGF Calamansi Puree
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Calamansi Promotion at the Battle of the Chefs 2018

Oct 10, 2018

Oct 5-7 Penang: The Calamansi Promotion team was in Penang, joined some 1500 chefs from all over the world in the Battle of the Chefs 2018 competition. The competition brought together chefs young and old in this bi annual event; Master Chef Martin Yan as the special guests of honor at the competititon. The participants started as early as 5 am, three full days of competition saw many cuisine being made, participants and judge worked very hard. We are delighted that we provided the refreshing calamansi juice to the chefs to quench their thirst and to reduce the "heatiness" due to lack of sleep and tension. We are also delighted to report that our fresh lime has helped the Taiwan chef to distinguish him work among the participants and earned special mention from the Judge. The Penang people have a high appreciation for healty food and healthy juice, we did robust sales at the promotion. Thank you all Penangites for  your support, we will soon be announcing our distributor close to you so we can serve you better. 

18.8.18 Suzhou

Aug 21, 2018
18.8.18 Suzhou
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Sun Fresh Fruit Hub and 360 Degree Atmosphere Restaurant at KL Towers partner Suzhou Crown Plaza hotel to run the Malaysian food and durian festival from 16th to 31st August 2018. The festival features Musangking Durian and dishes such as Gulai Ikan, Kambing Kuma, Rendang, Ayam Goreng Bertempar and other Malaysian dishes. We also showcase our Calamansi drinks which have become very popular; nangka and durian crackers were also on the menu. Consumers can also buy boxes of 400 gm MSK Durian pulp during the festival.4000 people are expected to attend the festival.

Bumper Harvest of Chempedak: Get one online

Aug 19, 2018

8.8.18 Lanchang: Today is a very special day.  We have published the fruit setting photos of our wonderful chempedak trees, now we are proud to share the bumper harvest of our crop for the year. First of all Thank You God for your blessing of good weather to enable the tree to nurture the fruits. of course our workers and supervisors have been most wonderful in caring for the crop. The chempedak picked are matured and should be able to serve on the table in 5 to 8 days. The Chempedak is between 2 to 3 kg. Anyone interested to place a direct order can do so by sending a whatsapp only to Anthony at Tel 60147319036. The fruits will be packed and delivered to a pick up station in Klang Valley for you to pick up. This offer expires on Merdeka Day August 31st 2018. 

Sun Fresh Fruit Hub signs collaboration agreement with CCN

Aug 9, 2018

Executive Chairman Mdm Foong signed a collaboration agreement today at Cold Chain Network ( CCN) HQ at Kuala Lumpur with CEO Koichi Iwahara, the ceremeony was witnessed by Motoyuki Hazu, General Manager of Overseas Business Development of NICHIREI, Encik Zainurin of MAFC and Ms Lee Huey Yee of ARH. CCN will provide cold chain logistics to Sun Fresh Fruit Hub's products domestically and also for Export.  Cold Chain Network is Japanese based Cold Chain speciaist Nichirei's investment in Malaysia. Nichirei's subsidiary in Rotterdam also manages the world's largest fresh juice hub. 

Taiwan Yongda Group Joins SUNFRESH FRUIT HUB SDN BHD

Aug 6, 2018

On August 1, 2018, the joint venture of Taiwan Yongda Food Technology Co Ltd in SUNFRESH FRUIT HUB Sdn Bhd(SSFH)was formalized with the signing of the shareholders agreement. Present in Kualal Lumpur to celebrate the commencement of the joint venture were Yongda Executive Chairman Tsai Yao Hui and Fiance, Director Madam Hsieh Siew Qing. At the celebration dinner from L to R are  Managing Director of Dusun Matahari Sdn Bhd, Mr Joseph Foong, Datin Gan, Mdam Lee Huey Yee ( Rep from ARH, member Co of Khazanah Nasional), Dato Gan Yeew Tin ( Founding member of SSFH), Madam Foong Wai Fong ( Founding member of SSFH ), Encik Mohd Zainurin ( representing MAFC, member of Khazanah Nasional), Mr Tsai Yao Hui ( Chairman of Taiwan Yongda), Mr Keng Guan Chen ( Founding member of SSFH).  WIth Yongda joining SUNFRESH FRUIT HUB (SSFH), it will bring capital, expertise and market to the Malaysian company, giving a boost and jump start the operation of supplying citrus juices to the region. YongDa is the leading citrus juice ( especially Lemon) manufacturer based in Pingtong Taiwan (http://www.http://twydfoodbtob.ezsale.tw/default1.asp); its clients include the major beverage brands in the HORECA markets of Taiwan, China and ASEAN.                                                                                                                                                                                                       
The Yongda Leadership's 5 days working visit to Malaysia included an itineary that covered visits to the Collection, Processing and Packaging Centre in Lanchang, meeting and discussions with SSFH key staff members to design the launch of operation. 

China CCTV Crew Visits our Farms for Location Shoot

Jul 2, 2018

ChinaCCTV Channel 7 ( 中国央视 农业频道) Producer/Editor Krystal Guo and crew together with our Beijing Partner YuanTian RongQing Technology (融青运田)spent 4 days from June 26 to 30th doing various location shoots on Malaysian Durian and Nangka. The Group was also treated to a special meal by Malaysian Celebrity Chef Ringo Kaw and Dato Wong on top of 360 degree Atmosphere on top of KL Towers. The Minister of Agriculture Haji Salahuddin Ayub graciously granted an interview to the China TV.  We hope the crew will help. us tell the story of Malaysian durian to a large China audience. The Program is expected to air in November 2018.  

Chempedak Coming in July & August 2018

Jun 19, 2018

This July and August, Dusun Matahari Farms will harvest some beautiful and delicious Chempedak fruits, an all time favorite with many Malaysians. Chempedak is best eaten fresh, the locals will also make fried chempedak with flour fritters, absolutely creamy and delicious. A lighter version is to fry Japanese tempura with Chempedak, top with one scoop of Vanilla Icecream, makes a rich and delicious dessert after meal!
Each fruit is about 2 to 3 kg. 


For trade, supermarket  and fresh fruit orders orders please contact Joe at 012 2682141 For Online please log on to Rayma solutions shop at Lazada or call Anthony Tan at 017 2957965 We deliver from farm to homes in the Klang Valley of Malaysia.

Nangka Harvest hitting the market

Jun 19, 2018

Those wonderful Nangka of the J33 type weghing between 10 to 15 kg are now being harvested and are on their way to the market. J33 is sweet and crispy; very fragrant. Grade A fresh fruits are available, pre-order IQF frozen nangka are also available for export. Get in touch with Keng for cut fruit at 012 255 6701 or Fresh Fruits call Joseph at 012 2682141.    

News Update: 21 March 2018

Mar 21, 2018
News Update: 21 March 2018
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21 March 2018 Raub: 2018 will welcome a bumper harvest of durians; starting from now right till August, harvests of durians will hit the market, and this year, durians lovers can enjoy better prices and excellent fruits. If you wish to make an order for fresh, frozen or pulp durians, contact us.

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