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SunFresh Fruit Hub
Sdn Bhd (1258564-T)

8, Jalan PJS 3/49,
Taman Sri Manja,
7th Miles,
Off Jalan Kelang Lama,
46000 Petaling Jaya,
Selangor, Malaysia.
+603-7783 2933
+603-7784 3452

Lot 32, Bangunan CPPC
(Collection, Processing &
Packaging Centre)
Taman Kekal Pengeluaran
Makanan (TKPM) Lanchang
28500, Lanchang,
Pahang, Malaysia.

Export & OEM:
Anthony Tan


Supplier and Farmers Relationship:
Joseph Foong

Buying From Us:
Anthony Tan

Partnership & Cooperation:
W F Foong

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Crystall White Tapioca Pearl
Raw Brown Sugar Flavour Tapioca Pearl
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Dusun Dimensi

Dusun Dimensi is a registered supplier farm to THE FRUIT HUB, more about the farm,   MyGAP Certified Orchard (Good Agriculture Practice Certified Farm by Malaysia Goverment) read more
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The Collection Processing & Packaging Centre (CPPC)

Situated on a 12.5 hectare site, built at a cost of RM17million, the 50,000 sq ft state of the art CPPC has a mission to serve fruit growers at the Permanent Food Production Park (Taman Kekal Pengeluaran Makanan, TKPM) at Lanchang. Built and owned by Malaysian AgriFood Corporation Berhad (MAFC), and operated by SUNFRESH FRUIT HUB SDN BHD (Fruit Hub @ Lanchang) in a strategic integrated supply chain collaboration. MAFC is a wholly owned subsidiary of Khazanah Nasional Berhad, Malaysia's soveriegn fund. Fruit Hub @ Lanchang will provide post harvest service to growers in the Pahang fruit growing zone,covering a 50 km radius from Lachang, including the regions of Raub, Sg Ruan, Mentakab, Maran,Temerloh, Bentong and Bukit Tinggi. MAFC's CPPC is the largest and most sophisticated plant in the region; preparation is underway to secure GMP, HACCP, HALAL, MESTI and other compliance standards for Singapore Japan, EU, US, UK and the Middle East. The CPPC has capabilities for Juicing, Pack whole fruit for export, Fresh Cut Fruit, Syrup Making in the first phase of its operation. With the Foreign Investment, CPPC has now installed with IQF processing line, which we believed we have the largest capacity at the moment in South East Asia. Hence, we are able help the Farmers around the Grand Orchards of Pahang, especially from TKPM Lanchang, to IQF their produces and prolong their shelf life and market it to around the world with Cold Chain logistic. Apart from that, we have installed Tapioca Pearls making and cooking line, that will also be IQF once cooked, the cooked pearls are then frozen and market to all chains stores, you would only need 3-5 mins to reheat the pearls and ready to be use. read more
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苦尽甘来的马来西亚榴莲:一个励志的故事 优质上等的马来西亚榴莲,无论是什么品种,都会带有一丝苦味——正如同马来西亚那一群榴莲园主的人生。而这个苦味是埋在味道的底层,深深的埋在果肉 read more
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SunFresh Fruit Hub Sdn Bhd
SunFresh Fruit Hub Sdn Bhd
SunFresh Fruit Hub Sdn Bhd
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Discovering Malaysian Fruits

DISCOVERING THE SUPER QUALITIES OF MALAYSIAN FRUITS Malaysia has a unique position in Asia, located in the equaotrial zone (10 Degree N and S of the Equator); we are blesesd with the most abundance of  direct sunlight and rainfall which enable good photosynthesis to take place, hence producing  some of the most fragrant spices, herbs and sweet fruits ( Brix over 20). Many Malaysian fruits and spices are harvested when they ripen naturally, with nutrients at their maximum. Malaysia located on 4.0125'N is right  within the 10 degree  zone.   Malaysia has a good basket of tropical fruits that can be used in many ways as food,  seasoning, iingredient,  beverage and also medicine. Malaysian fruits are superfoods as they contain valuable vitamins, minerals and anti oxidants.  The humble Calamansi, or Limau Kasturi for example is used widely in Malaysia cuisine, including laksa,  chilli sauce for chicken rice, grilled fish, sweet and sour soup and in your teh tarik and many hot and cold beverages; people even add a dosage of limau to their barley drink.  According to Dr Suri Roovi,Principal Scientist at the Malaysian Agricultural Research and Development Institute ( MARDI), his research found that''3 small kasturi fruits have an amount of antioxidant Phoretin and Vitexin equivalent to 10 apples, its anti oxidant properties are higher than green tea.''  At the CPPC, we are building capabilities in the research of for wider and healthier application of tropical fruits, from the rind, pulp to seed. Whether it is the Calamansi or nangka, you can get juice, oil, enzyme and vinegar from the entire fruit; leaving no waste. We welcome collaboration with professionals from the culinary, pharma and/ or academia.  Together we hope to discover more interesting taste and build interesting recipes for consumption of our local fruits.  CPPC will provide the lab, the required equipments and raw materials. So if you are in the field of mixology; culinary art, bakery and confectionery, beverage, Chinese or/and international cooking styles that wants to experiemnt with tropical fruit.                                                                                 Here is an example of the application of the humble Calamansi. Please click here for download Calamansi Drink Recipe. If you are interested to collaborate, kindly email your proposal or call to Keng at whatsapp 6012 255 6701 for a chat.  Calamansi Drink Recipe IQF Jackfruit -- Maxium Nutrients, Longer Shelf Lives.  Sun Fresh Fuit Hub is launching IQF Jackfruit Pulp this season. With IQF, the Nangka pulps are processed in a clean environment to reduce conern over traditional open air processing that may bring fear of Covid 19 infections. Our hygienic processing complies with HALA and MESTI rules; and the fruit pulps undergone a IQF treatment to ensure that the goodness of the fruit is captured. See more on Fresh and Nutritious https://wordpress.com/post/sungreatfreshness.wordpress.com/119     read more
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